Thursday, September 12, 2013


I've decided to mix it up a little bit. Since my Captain Britain reviews will be going until around late October, I want to add a little variety to my content beyond the one-off posts I've been occasionally tossing up.

So, since I happen to be a huge Transformers fan, and since I happen to have the first two trade paperpbacks of TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE lying around, and since I just started reading them last week, and since I've been writing posts about them to use here... I'm going to be publishing REGENERATION ONE reviews concurrently with the Captain Britain stuff. These reviews will be more like the ones I plan to do going forward -- rather than a retrospective, covering chunks of issues per post a la Captain Britain, the Transformers reviews will summarize and break down one issue apiece.

And since I've managed to remain pretty much completely un-spoiled on this series, you'll be seeing my thoughts and speculations directly after reading the issue in question. I've already read five issues, and wrote a post for each one immediately after I finished it, even if I then read the following issue in that same sitting.

I'll post these reviews every Friday for the next twelve weeks (ten regular issues plus one "point five" issue plus one "primer" post to kick things off), starting tomorrow. Which means, for those keeping score, in the four weeks since I started this blog, I have changed my format three times. The posting schedule will now go:
  • Monday: Captain Britain review
  • Wednesday: Captain Britain review
  • Thursday: Announcements, if necessary (there probably won't be many of these)
  • Friday: Transformers review
  • Saturday & Sunday: Whatever is on my mind for the week, if anything, and/or Captain Britain "supplemental material", if any (this will probably continue for maybe three or four more weeks)
Wish me luck...!


  1. Which means, for those keeping score, in the four weeks since I started this blog, I have changed my format three times.


    Nothing wrong with that. I'm pretty sure I've changed the approach to my "Last Week in TV" posts every year I've been doing them.

    Also, I'm looking forward to some Transformers content! I've been reading Regeneration One as well.

  2. Yes, I seem to recall you mentioning that in a comment on your own blog. Hope you like the reviews! So far I'm mostly enjoying the series -- though I probably won't get to the next ten issues for quite some time, as I want to wait for both trades again before reading.