Sunday, September 20, 2015


I've got quite a variety pack this month! First, from Marvel, is something I've been awaiting for a long time. Call me insane if you must, but I have wanted an X-MEN/AVENGERS ONSLAUGHT OMNIBUS since around the time Marvel started collecting all the various nineties X-Men events in oversized hardcover format. For a while it seemed like this wasn't going to happen, as the X-Men OHC program skipped past "Onslaught" to "Zero Tolerance", then slowed down a bit. Furthermore, the full "Onslaught" event has already been collected in a line of trade paperbacks a few years earlier. But now, at long last, it's here. Watch this space for a full-length review of the book next week.

Next from Image, is RED ONE: WELCOME TO AMERICA, a graphic novel I picked up solely on the strength of Terry Dodson's artwork. I've been a fan of Dodson since his days on Marvel's GENERATION X, and while I haven't read everything he ever drew, I've picked up certain items here and there. I plan to cover RED ONE in a post next Spring.

And lastly, Dark Horse brings their collaboration with Dynamite on CONAN/RED SONJA. I don't talk much about "sword and sorcery" type stuff around here, but I'm a fan of the genre in some respects. I intend to write about this book as well next Spring, hopefully once Dynamite's companion RED SONJA/CONAN book is also released in a collected edition.

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