Sunday, February 10, 2019


I was so impressed with Enrico Marini's artwork on GYPSY back in December, that I decided I should read more from him. Well, not long after a finished GYPSY, Comixology held a Europe Comics sale, so I grabbed another series Marini drew, RAPTORS. (Note that I never "Unboxed" this one since I didn't want to give away this new series so soon before starting it.)

Like GYPSY, I bought this series "blind" based soley on the appealing artwork, so I really have no idea what to expect from it. I did read, subsequent to reading GYPSY< that it was Marini's crack at doing something with the layout and style of a Japanese manga, so I'm curious if he had a similar sort of pastiche in mind when he did RAPTORS (which was originally published around twenty years ago).

Anyway, starting on Friday and for the next four weeks, we'll be examining the series one volume per week!

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