Sunday, December 29, 2013


Those reading my IRON MAN reviews lately may have noticed a sudden flood of lovely digital images to accompany the text. The reason, as I'm sure it's not that hard to discern, is that on Cyber Monday, I joined Marvel's Digital Unlimited service. In addition to giving me the ability to grab panels and pages without needing to scan everything, this also provides access to tons of comics I've never read before, and would otherwise probably not have purchased.

(Or in a few cases, comics I would gladly purchase in book form if Marvel would get with the program and collect them -- I was downright flabbergasted to see that Mark Gruenwald's entire hundred-plus-issue CAPTAIN AMERICA run is available in the Unlimited library!)

So, fair warning: while my main focus here will continue to be on reviewing classic comics in collected edition formats, I may write about digital issues as well. Sometimes it might even be modern things that interest me, but that I've never really wanted to purchase.

Now, if only DC would get on the ball and start a similar program...!

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