Sunday, August 24, 2014


(...Plus a week.)

I'm a firm believer in acknowledging milestones, so I thought I'd mention that last weekend -- specifically August 16th -- marked this blog's first birthday.

When I began my ramblings last summer, I wasn't sure what form they would ultimately take, or even how long they'd last. I was armed with a bunch of posts I'd written about Captain Britain and little else. But within a month I'd started reading TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE, and soon enough something of a regular schedule materialized: long series posts on Mondays and Wednesdays, with "one shot" or shorter series posts on Fridays. Soon my Sundays began to fill up too, with whatever ramblings happened to be on my mind.

I eventually started mapping out my monthly schedule, and that soon became a yearly schedule. As it stands, as of today, I have a rough idea of what I'll write about on what weekdays, all the way through to the end of next January -- and I have posts already written and scheduled through November. But I like to keep my options open too, so Sundays will remain, with the exception of the regularly scheduled "Unboxing" feature and the occasional announcements, the spot where I will write about things more immediately: a review of a book I just got, or my opinion on some TV show or something else I recently encountered.

For those who care, the most viewed page or post on this site is X-MEN COLLECTED EDITIONS, with my review of the SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES soundtrack album in second place at half as many hits. And the Google search terms which have drawn the most eyes here, aside from the title of the blog, are "infinity gauntlet omnibus review" and, for some reason, "iron man #134 titanium man".

Anyway -- thanks to those who have stuck with me over the past year. It's been a lot of fun sharing my thoughts on some of my favorite comics, as well as several that I've never read before. I intend to keep doing it for as long as it's fun, and since I have quite a backlog of books to read, I'm hoping that will be a good long time.

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