Friday, January 2, 2015


No review this Friday -- instead I thought I'd type up a little something on what to expect around here in 2015.

I've been doing a lot of in-depth reviews for the past year-plus (meaning issue-by-issue posts including plot descriptions, continuity notes, panel screenshots, etc.). We had IRON MAN by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, then CAPTAIN AMERICA by Roger Stern and John Byrne, and of course the long SPIDER-MAN by Roger Stern series. I need a break from these, so I've decided that for the next few months, my Monday-Wednesday posts will be more in the vein of my normal Friday posts -- meaning semi-essays without category breakdowns, excessive scans/screenshots, and other bells and whistles. But this series will continue the trend of being based upon a long run of issues, in this case something from DC which I've wanted to read for quite some time. I think I've mentioned this before, but the official announcement will come on Monday.

The Friday posts for the duration of this DC project will follow much the same pattern as 2014: a mishmash of items with some loose organizational themes. January will bring four consecutive Fridays on four related Marvel limited series, and that announcement is coming this Sunday. Then February will find the next three GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN volumes reviewed (remember, this is a long-term project covering a few volumes per year). March will probably bring the next two installments of AME-COMI GIRLS, and then I'll move into weekly reviews of a Marvel series which is near and dear to me. After a month or two of that, we'll follow up with various one-shots and limited series, as last Spring. These will once again be composed mostly of items from Marvel Unlimited.

This past summer I filled my Fridays with a series of DANGER GIRL posts, and I plan to do something similar again this year with another non-Marvel/DC property I enjoy. I have an idea of what it will be, but I'm not going to commit yet. Then, as in years past, my current plan is for September to bring another run of TRANSFORMERS comics -- but since I finished REGENERATION ONE, it'll be something a little different. Still a finite number of issues, but from a publisher other than IDW -- and that's all I'll say for now.

As for the remaining Monday-Wednesday posts after that new DC project -- I haven't decided yet. I need to leave myself some freedom, right? But as of now, I'm strongly considering a pair of overlapping Marvel runs from the seventies which would potentially take us into the fall.

Of course, beyond the above, I will continue my occasional Sunday posts. In 2013, these were a hodgepodge of items. 2014 found "The Unboxing" added to the Sunday rotation, and that will remain a monthly feature. Otherwise, I'll continue to write about whatever comes to mind on Sundays, be it thoughts on a movie or TV show, a book I read, another gushing review of a DC Animated soundtrack album, or -- in some cases -- nothing. One thing I'd like to make a semi-regular feature, at least, is photo-reviews of various collected editions. Those seem to get good responses, so I figure maybe one a month should be manageable.

And then there's this: One more regular feature I've been thinking of adding to the lineup. I have a lot of DC stuff accumulated which I've never read or haven't read in ages. I'd like to write about it here, but I rarely feel the itch to go in-depth on DC like I do with Marvel. So, time permitting, I'm thinking that, when the big new DC project ends somewhere around May or so, I may begin a new series of regularly scheduled posts called "DC Saturdays", where I write about random DC collected editions. But of all the things I've discussed here, that's the most up in the air, currently. I'd like to do it, but I'd need to find the free time to make it happen.

So 2015 looks to be cram-packed, even moreseo than was 2014. Thank you to all who drop by to read my little ramblings. As always, please let me know if you have suggestions or comments related to my content here.


  1. Sounds exciting! I admire not only your output but the variety of it - I have a ton of ideas for new series on my blog, but find myself all too often without the time to properly launch, let alone maintain, them. I'm a little jealous of the diversity in subjects you've managed to afford for yourself.

    But one of *my* New Years resolutions is to make more of an effort to check in here (and comment) more frequently in 2015 (and, of course, catch up on your back catalog of posts).

    1. Well, you've set quite a task before yourself, with the goal of reviewing all those X-Men comics in chronological order! I appreciate that you're doing it and I love commenting, but I'm not sure I'd have the patience for it myself, so I specifically set the goal of writing about specific runs (either creator-centric or themed in some other way). Different formats, I guess. But your X-aminations, as well as J. Kendall's work at NOT BLOG X, were my inspiration for the way I write about these things.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by in between changing diapers and writing about X-Men comics! It's always nice to get comments.