Sunday, June 21, 2015


This was supposed to go up last Sunday, but the post office lost my package! It eventually arrived, though, containing one book: the second volume of the STAR WARS: THE ORIGINAL MARVEL YEARS OMNIBUS series. I went in-depth on volume 1 a while back, and pretty much everything I said there applies here as well: Great looking book, nice art, etc., etc. Fewer bonus pages this time, but overall it's a nicely presented package.

Since I've got nothing else to talk about this month, I'll blab a bit more about this book: sadly, it appears Archie Goodwin's run concluded around the time of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, with David Michelinie taking over for a lengthy scripting run, followed by Mary Jo Duffy, who would guide the book to its end. And the beautifully cartoony Carmine Infantino artwork comes to an end partway through these pages as well, which is unfortunate. Infantino's work in the first volume is a huge high point for me. But at least here he's followed by a good-sized run from Walter Simonson (!) and then Ron Frenz, all with Tom Palmer providing inks and finishes. The artwork here may not have the character of Infantino's earlier material, but it still looks nice.

For those who missed it previously, volume 1 can be found on Amazon right now, and volume 3 is available for pre-order with a September release date. All issues of the series can be found on Marvel Unlimited as well, and -- for those who somehow come here without visiting the delightful Gentlemen of Leisure blog, be aware that over there, Austin "Teebore" Gorton is covering the original Marvel series on a weekly basis.

And that's it for June. Looks like I'm expecting a larger delivery next month, so watch for that soon.


  1. I am making my way through volume 1 and very much looking forward to hitting Infantino's stuff.

    I knew Simonson did some work on the series; I didn't realize he had an actual run, though (always just figured it was a few one-offs here and there). So that's something to look forward to as well!

    1. I always thought Simonson's STAR WARS was a few issues here or there, too. I was astounded to see how much of this volume he penciled (and he plotted a lot of it too).