Monday, January 1, 2018


A new year brings with it a brand-new review project, and this one is a doozy. THE UNTOLD LEGEND OF THE BATMAN, as it turns out, was just a warm-up for a lot of DC this year!

Beginning one week from today, I'll be reading a pair of concurrent runs that I've been interested in for quite some time: Superman by John Byrne (with Marv Wolfman for the first year or so) and Wonder Woman by George Pérez (with Len Wein scripting). I'll be using digital versions of the SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL trade paperbacks released by DC over the past several years for the Superman stuff, and the Wonder Woman material will come courtesy of two digital WONDER WOMAN BY GEORGE PÉREZ volumes collecting WONDER WOMAN #1 - 24. (Yes, Pérez remained aboard as plotter for some time after issue 24, but for now at least, I'm only interested in the stuff he drew.) I'll try to take these all in via the best possible reading order (in fact the Superman books are already sorted that way), but I anticipate there may be some hiccups along the way.

In addition to all of the above, I'm also going to cover the LEGENDS mini-series, since it was scripted by Wein and drawn by Byrne. I've added all these issues up and, including annuals and such, together they come out to exactly 104 installments -- so I figure at a rate of approximately two issues every Monday, this project should encompass the entire year! Note, however, that there may be some exceptions to that rule: for example, right off the bat I'm going to cover SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL in one deluxe post, rather than three twofers. I figure this way it'll open up space later on for the inevitable issue that will require a full post all to itself, or the occasional three-part story arc I want to cover all at once.

So hold on to your capes and tiaras, folks, because this blog is about to go more DC than it's ever been before!


  1. Very cool! Though I've only read a smattering of it, I have a strange fascination with the first few years of DC's post-Crisis output. I doubt I'll be able to read along with you, but hopefully I'll be able to at least read (and occasionally comment) on your posts as you go along, this time around.

    1. I understand; reading along always turns out to be harder than you expect. But hopefully you'll enjoy following the posts anyway!

  2. Count me in.
    Does the books include the Byrne-scribed WORLD OF KRYPTON, WORLD OF METROPOLIS (Clark's college years, and background stories of Lois, Perry White, and Jimmy), and WORLD OF SMALLVILLE (stories of the Kents and Lana)?
    How learned are you about Wonder Woman's origin?

    1. Glad to have you along, Angmc43!

      I will not be covering the WORLD OF... series, mainly because it doesn't look like DC has collected them yet. Hopefully I won't miss out on too much by omitting them.

      As far as Wonder Woman goes, I had this storybook when I was very little that covered her pre-CRISIS origin pretty well (sculpted from clay by Hippolyte, won an Amazon tournament for the right to go into man's world, met Steve Trevor and became Diana Prince, etc.) -- and I think there was a SUPER FRIENDS episode that covered much of the same material -- but that's about it.

      Post-CRISIS, I really only know the origin from last year's movie, since the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon never really went into much detail on where she came from, as far as I can recall.