Sunday, June 17, 2018


No new books this month; just a brief Digital Unboxing. Last month, Comixology ran a big sale on "Young Readers" material from Dark Horse, and around the same time there was a Dark Horse 50% off coupon as well -- so, at the recommendation of several posts on the Marvel Masterworks Message Board, I doubled the sales up and purchased eight volumes of the USAGI YOJIMBO SAGA -- which is every volume in that series printed to date, covering more than 150 issues, plus some specials and the like. I've had mild interest in Stan Sakai's samurai rabbit epic for several years, and now I finally own a massive chunk of it -- though when I'll actually settle down to read this stuff is anybody's guess.

(Also, I've learned that there was an earlier USAGI YOJIMBO series which lasted thirty-eight issues and whose reprint rights currently lie with Fantagraphics rather than Dark Horse -- so whenever I finally get to USAGI, it will certainly not be until after there's a Fantagraphics sale allowing me to pick up the eight volumes covering that series as well.)

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