Friday, August 30, 2013


I have to say... when I started this blog, the intention was absolutely not for it to be "All Captain Britain, All the Time".  But I started writing my review posts and found that I had more to say than I'd originally expected.  Beyond that, I wrote some supplemental posts to toss in among the reviews as neededThe idea, as I laid out in my very first post was: review Monday, something else Friday, with a supplemental post in between, on Wednesday.  I actually thought I'd need to fill space!

But now that my Cap reviews will be posted on Mondays and Wednesdays, I find myself with these extra supplemental things sitting around, looking for homes.  I think I'll post them on the weekends -- which could mean Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  There may not be one every week, but for the duration of the solo Captain Britain reviews, there should be.  Once my Cap reviews move on to EXCALIBUR, I believe they will cease -- or at least become more infrequent.

This way, if something interesting comes up and I want to write about it, I'll have Fridays available to toss it in.  I know I'm free to update my blog whenever I like, but I would rather stick to a somewhat regular schedule, if possible.

And by the way, my appreciation goes out to anyone who's sticking through the CAPTAIN BRITAIN reviews, even if they aren't your cup of tea.  I'll be the first to admit that they aren't so much "reviews" as they are broad recaps with stream-of-consciousness ramblings tossed in.  As I said a couple weeks ago, when I read these comics, I hadn't decided to start a blog.  Once we move past Captain Britain, the reviews should be more focused, if still somewhat informal.

Thanks for bearing with me as I figure out this "blogging" thing!


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about your review style - while perhaps not as traditionally formal as you'd like, they're easy to read, tell those of who haven't read this stuff before the important plot points, and make clear what your opinion of the material is.

    So...mission accomplished, I'd say!

  2. Thanks, Teebore! My main problem at this point is that I find myself with too much content. I want to stick with two Cap reviews a week, but I have five published and thirteen to go, which means I'll be posting them until mid-October. I also have a three-part review of another Alan Davis series which I was planning to post after the Cap stuff.

    On top of that, I just started reading a series -- the first one I've gone into knowing I have a blog for which I'd like to review it -- and I'm planning to do that one an issue at a time. I've already written up posts for the first four (out of ten) issues, but at the rate I'm going I won't even start posting them until November. And by then I'll probably be done with the next collected edition in my queue, a big one (an Omnibus, in fact), which I also plan to do issue-by-issue. I'm reading too fast!!!

    So, long story short -- I may wind up running review series concurrently or something. We'll see what happens.