Friday, August 16, 2013


Well, here I am. I've decided to start a blog. I have considered this many times over the past few years, but never very seriously. I find, however, that I usually have a lot to say after reading a vintage comic book or watching something random on TV -- thoughts that I don't usually have anyone interested in hearing -- and I would like to get them out somehow.

So, the solution would seem to be a blog. If anyone reads and enjoys what I have to say here, that's great, but this is mainly a way for me to give voice (or in this case print -- err, digital screen-print) to all the random things that occur to me after I read some old comics or watch a movie or TV show. Yes, the banner at the top of the page is clearly Marvel Comics centric, and I will probably talk classic Marvel here more than anything else, but anything will be fair game. In fact, my current comic reading backlog has a decent amount of non-Marvel stuff in it, so we'll likely see some sooner rather than later.

The next thing to mention regarding these comic reviews is that pretty much everything I write about will be a collected edition. I'm addicted to the wonderful hardcovers and trade paperbacks that Marvel releases (as well as the less wonderful but still pretty nice ones from DC and other publishers), and they're just about the only form of comic book that I buy these days. Furthermore, it will be very rare that I have anything to say about a modern Marvel comic. I gave them up a few years back. More power to those who still enjoy them, but Marvel of today does very little for me. Someday I'll write a post about why.

I hope to stick to a regular posting schedule if possible. I'm thinking comic reviews on Mondays to start, and then whatever strikes my fancy -- TV, movies, games, etc. -- on Fridays. If I'm enjoying this enough, maybe something like an editorial on Wednesdays, too, plus probably some random mini-posts here and there as they come up.

By the way, when I say I will be reviewing things, I should note that they probably won't be highly detailed, itemized writings. It's more likely they will be stream-of-consciousness blathering on the subject of whatever I just read or watched. Don't get me wrong -- they'll be coherent -- but I've never been a good note-taker, so they won't be comprehensive.

That's about it for now. If anyone is still around and interested in my thoughts after all that, please stand by for an announcement this weekend about my very first review series...

P.S.: Despite the melodramatic blurbs above, it's highly unlikely that anyone will die in the production of this blog.


  1. Welcome to the party! Hope you survive the experience, as they say.

  2. Also, I wanted to add that I really like your layout, the banner images, the font/size. All very clean but snappy. Very nice.

  3. Hi Teebore, glad you're here! Thanks for the compliments, too. I'm quite pleased with the banner myself. They're all corner box images from some of my favorite Marvel runs and/or eras.

  4. Those Byrne-head corner boxes are from my absolute favorite runs of X-Men and Avengers. I'm way behind in my blog-reading, not to mention my blog-writing, but I hope I'll get to return here soon to see what's cooking. Have fun!

  5. Thanks, Blam! I greatly appreciate any time you happen to spare.

    As noted, most of those corner boxes are from my favorite runs/eras on the various characters, at least of the runs I've read. The notable exception is the Hulk. I've read very little Hulk from the 70s, but that shot seemed much more iconic than anything from my favorite era -- early to mid Peter David.