Sunday, May 18, 2014


Some may recall that a few months ago, I concocted a post about my goal of having every issue of UNCANNY X-MEN and X-MEN, from the beginning of Chris Claremont's run to the end of Scott Lobdell's, in hardcover and/or paperback on my bookshelves. That post has since become one of my most frequently viewed, so I decided to turn it into a permanent page here, with the intention of updating it on a regular basis, whenever new books are announced.

As it happens, one such book has popped onto the radar recently. Courtesy of the quarterly Hachette Book Group catalog, by way of the Marvel Masterworks Message Board, a listing has been discovered for an INFERNO PROLOGUE hardcover volume to be released late this year, which will fill in one of the remaining gaps in the Claremont canon, issues 228 - 238. This is the early "Outback" material immediately following "Fall of the Mutants".

So, with the above book added to the listing, I have updated my table and given it a permanent home under the title of X-MEN COLLECTIONS, which can be accessed from the "Blog Content" menu at right. I have also added two additional tables below the main ones, showing what remains to be collected from the post-Lobdell/pre-Grant Morrison X-era, for those who are interested (and I myself would be happy with most all of it, despite some abysmal quality near the end of the stretch). Happy collecting!


  1. This is awesome news, but I'm torn on padding this with the concurrent X-Factor and New Mutants issues. I appreciate that we're getting all of this at all, but I kind of wish we could get books for the individual titles unless it's an actual crossover. It's shocking how close we are to all of this being collected.

    1. Yeah, on one hand I agree with you. I mainly want the core X-MEN stuff. But on the other hand, I've never read the X-FACTOR and NEW MUTANTS stuff contained herein, so I'll be happy to check them out. Plus, if all three series had been collected separately, I probably would have bought them all that way anyway.