Sunday, October 4, 2015


As I typed up my review of the X-MEN/AVENGERS: ONSLAUGHT OMNIBUS last week, I got to thinking: I've reviewed the UNCANNY X-MEN OMNIBUS volume 2 and the X-MEN: INFERNO PROLOGUE hardcover. Why haven't I covered the UNCANNY X-MEN OMNIBUS volume 1 or the proper X-MEN: INFERNO volume? For that matter, I've wanted for some time to write about the X-MEN BY CLAREMONT & LEE OMNIBUS collections. So to those ends, I've decided I might as well tackle all my X-Men hardcovers!*

This isn't going to be a regularly scheduled thing, though. My plan is to do roughly one book per month, but on no set date (other than that they will be on Sundays). I'll aim for somewhere around the first couple weeks of the month, but that won't always happen depending on other scheduled items. I'm going to go in chronological order, so we'll start next weekend with UNCANNY X-MEN OMNIBUS volume 1. Then it's a big jump to ASGARDIAN WARS and MUTANT MASSACRE in one go, and it'll be on from there, until we get all the way up to the mid/late nineties with OPERATION: ZERO TOLERANCE.

This won't stop me from posting reviews of other books as they come along, of course. There's an UNCANNY X-MEN OMNIBUS volume 3 due to be released next year, and I'll slot that into the rotation when it comes out. Plus I'll continue to post occasional reviews of select other new books as they're released or as they relate to whatever ongoing project I'm doing at the time.

I've wanted to write about the X-Men here for quite a while, but I've intentionally avoided doing so, except on the occasions they factor into some other project. (MARVEL TEAM-UP 69 and 70, for example are related to the Claremont/Byrne X-MEN run and are coming in a couple weeks, and we'll have an UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL as part of a currently unannounced project before year's end.) But so many other blogs have written copiously about the X-Men that I feel like doing my own issue-by-issue posts would be redundant, at least until I can find some sort of hook or angle to use.

So for the next year or so, this will be my X-Men outlet. I'll give a rundown of the books' contents, bonus features, and overall quality, along with my (hopefully) succinct commentary on the actual issues contained within, and of course, numerous pictures will be provided. If I'm lucky, this will all be of some interest/use to people.

Most books reviewed in this upcoming series are still available on Links will be provided for individual volumes as their posts go up.

* A few trade paperbacks will make the rotation as well, either "bundled" into posts covering contemporaneous hardcovers or in grouped sets for one post.


  1. Good project, I'm looking forward to reading your reviews!
    Maybe you can start with an up-to-date picture of your collection? I Don't know why, but I like looking at other collection... Bad habit I guess.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'll see if I can snap a picture this weekend and maybe add it to the above post.