Sunday, August 16, 2015


Here we are -- Two years to the day since my very first post and still going relatively strong. I never got around to implementing the "DC Saturdays" idea I considered in my "Year in Review" back in January, but, despite having less time to read lately, I've maintained my regular Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, with occasional Monday items as well.

At this exact moment, I have Monday-Wednesdays lined up through the end of September , while my Fridays are scheduled out through November. So I'm a about two months behind where I was at this time last year), owed mainly to moving houses last November and still being thrown off of my normal reading schedule. But I hope to get things back on track in the near future and keep the posts coming on a regularly scheduled basis.

And now the stats, for those who care: The number one most viewed page on this site remains the X-MEN COLLECTED EDITIONS CHART, followed in second place by my review of the INFINITY GAUNTLET OMNIBUS at two-thirds as many hits. I didn't mention a third place page last year, but this year, since I'm quite proud of the work I did on it, I'll disclose that it's the index for my Roger Stern SPIDER-MAN reviews, albeit clocking in at barely more than half the hits of the IG OMNIBUS.

As far as Google results bringing people here, that remains the same as last year: The blog's name, followed by the terms "Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus", "Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus review", etc. -- though the third place result at this point is "Spider-Man by Roger Stern Omnibus", which probably accounts for that page's jump up the traffic chart.

Another year down, then. The IRON FIST reviews will continue and -- in a week or so -- mutate into something more, so watch for that, as it takes us through most of the Fall. We'll catch up again for the New Year's year in review in early January.

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